Brimpton Rd, Brimpton, Reading RG7 4SP

What to Expect

Faith, Family and Friendship

These three words have been used to summarise what exists at Brimpton Baptist Church – we trust you will experience these as well when you visit. If you want to find out more what we mean when we use those words, please read on or contact us with any questions.


At Brimpton Baptist Church it is first and foremost about our faith in God.

Everything we do at Brimpton Baptist Church is founded upon our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His inspired Word, the Bible. 

Through Bible preaching and soul-stirring hymns, we seek to proclaim the timeless Gospel message and to help individuals and families strengthen their faith and relationship with God.

We firmly believe in holding to Biblical standards not only for our worship but for all of our lives. People might describe our church as traditional, independent, fundamental, Baptist, etc; but if you want to find out more what we mean, you are welcome to read our Doctrinal Statement, listen to some of our Online Sermons or contact us to learn more.


Families are always welcome at Brimpton Baptist Church.

Our church is a family-friendly church where parents and children  can participate together in our worship and fellowship.

Whether in our Sunday School or Holiday Bible Club, we seek to provide a safe, clean and fun environment for children to learn about God.

We have special ministries for children and young people as we seek to reach people of all ages with the Gospel. We also recommend a number of resources to Christians which can help individuals and families grow in their walk with the Lord. If you want to find out more, visit our Children and Youth page, check out our Recommend Links page or contact us with any questions.


Coming to Brimpton Baptist Church is a fantastic way to make friends.

Those who regularly visit our church will know that this is a place that life-long friendships are formed as we share in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Throughout our Sunday worship, fellowship meals and even church work days together – we seek to make everyone feel welcomed and encouraged to follow the Lord faithfully.

During our church’s history, countless lives have been touched by the power of the Gospel in our Lord Jesus Christ; and their lives have gone on to touch others. In light of the Lord’s Great Commission, we want to encourage people to continue touching the lives of others to make disciples of Jesus Christ. If you want to find out more about the friendships that have been made here, read about our over 200 year old history or make your own plans to visit us very soon.