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Recommended Links

Resources for Christian Living

Whether you are considering the Christian faith or a born-again believer seeking to grow in your walk with the Lord, we want to recommend a number of these links to you for your spiritual benefit.

Bible – Online App

These days having the Bible on your phone is a great way to read, study and share – even when you are on the go. A number of our members have been blessed by this Bible mobile app and there are of course other similar apps which allow you to take the Word of God with you wherever you are.

Creation Ministries

Over the years, our church has been blessed with speakers from Creation Ministries. We highly recommend their website and what they teach regarding the issues of the origin of the earth. On their website you will find scholarly articles and resources giving a Biblical defence of the six-day Creation as described in the Bible.

Christian Institute

The Christian Institute is helpful for many in this country to hear about issues affecting our Christian freedom in these days. They have a number of campaigns and offer a range of support to Christians, including ways to reach your local MP and share with them your Christian perspective.

Society for the Distribution of Hebrew Scriptures

This organisation does “what it says on the tin,” as one of its speakers often reminds us. The society is there to provide the whole Bible in English and in Hebrew to Jewish people in this country and around the world. Our church has been blessed to have their speakers come to us and we highly recommend their work.

Spotted Another One?

If you have come across another resource you would like us to note on our website, please contact us and our church leaders will consider updating this page with those details.

As a church we of course cannot wholly endorse the content of all these external websites (though we wholly endorse the text of the Bible); however we list these links as many within our church have found these resources to be helpful.